PCB Process

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are designed to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. Below is a summary of our manufacturing steps.

Our state-of-the-art equipment takes your PCB information, analyzes the assembly line, and prepares the data perfectly. This Surface Mount Technology (SMT assembly) allows us to save time while increasing production.

Only High-Speed, Automated Surface Mount (SMT) assembly processes are utilized to ensure consistent quality. Consistent quality of product is paramount to all our business activities and is integrated into every operation and process from the very lowest level.

Automatic Optical Inspection is part of a mandatory product manufacturing step to ensure component presence, position, polarity, solder quality, and that electrical continuity exists throughout the printed circuit board.

Compulsory PCB Testing & Inspection to test, and inspect the circuit boards before they are shipped to our valuable customers. Our PCB inspection and testing capability supports our electronics manufacturing processes and helps ensure customers receive working product on time, every time.

The A1 Quality Policy requires every circuit board to pass a final inspection twice, at least once by a senior inspection technician.